Discover Different Types of Career Assessment Tests

Career assessment tests are meant to help individuals find out more about themselves and help in determining a career line for an individual. Most of these assessment tools have been designed to measure one’s personal attributes, character traits, interests and skills so as to determine a career which suites them the best.

In most recent times, companies, career coaches, employment urgencies and career guidance counselors make use of these tests on order to either select the best employees for their companies or guide you to a career path that fits you the best. For a very long time now, career assessment tests have played a very critical role in the development of different individuals.

Not all career assessment tests are the same though. There are some that are based on skills of an individual while others that are meant to gauge the different interests of an individual. Although there could be differences, the destination is still the same, to enable people pursue a career path that is in line with their passion and skills.

Types of Career Assessment Tests

The tests for career assessments come in different forms, see for instance When selecting a certain career tests, it is good for individuals to look out for the most important criteria when making career choices. On the other hand, it is also good for them to consider unique needs of an individual who needs career guidance. Here is a list of different types of career assessments you should know.

1. Career Assessment Interview

We have individuals who are trained as career counselors and play a very big role when it comes to guiding different individuals to career paths that meet an individual’s passion, interest and character traits. After doing the career assessment tests, career counselors do integrate the results in a broader manner so as to determine the best career that suites an individual.

Thus, a career assessment interview is an interview carried out by a panel of career guiders to come up with an occupation that fully suits an individual. They give directions on the best career choices that match with an individual’s skills and interests.

2. Measured Attributes Assessments

There are a wide range of career assessment tests meant to measure someone’s values, aptitude and interest. Measured attribute assessments use what is referred to as key development indicators (KDI). The key development indicators use specific types of careers and match them with the individual career inspirations. This is one of the best ways to land a career that completely meets your individual aspirations.

3. Methodology Assessments

Many career test assessments apply both qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine suitable careers for different types of individuals. The quantitative nature of the assessments tend to measure one’s key attributes that might lead to enjoyment and success in a particular career. On the other hand, the qualitative assessment is meant to classify individuals according to their interests and preferences and help them to make appropriate career decisions.

4. Validity Assessments

This is one of the most ignored aspect when it comes to online career assessment tests. Validity in this case refers to interpretation of results and making useful decisions. Many free online career tests lack validity since no ones takes time to validate the results and direct an individual on the best career path. Instead, many of them only give you a variety of probable career choices which might not be that helpful to an individual.

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