Pheromones are all over the place

Pheromones are all over the place. Visualise that elusive thing you can’t get fulfillment from (say girls) and feel how you can’t quite reach it. Feel that grasping, that lack. Go deep into that feeling, and you’ll experience a pain, an energetic blockage in your heart space, gut, or perhaps somewhere else. Sometimes it feels like a dull ache, a cold/hot sensation, a feeling of sorrow, loneliness or as one of my students says ‘like battery acid pouring in my heart of sex pheromones. Learn more at and
Sometimes it comes on at the most irrational of times, other times we get triggered in certain situations. For instance I was once having a drink with a girl I was seeing, and after a couple drinks she said she had to go to see a friend and I later saw her with a guy on a date. Now they could have been just friends, but my little child reacted and I could feel this ache in my heart of pheromones. Learn more at 
 The story that accompanied it was “I am unworthy to be loved”; “I’m not good enough.” From that feeling of unworthiness I wanted to get away from it. I went and knocked back a couple pints. And that numbed me out for the evening. Has something like this ever happened to you? I know it’s happened to most guys. Now hold onto this no-breath period, and simultaneously drop and sink your awareness down into your chest/heart space. In the silence, tune in with any feelings there more pheromones. Then as you tune in, you can start breathing again whilst maintaining awareness on that area of natural sex pheromones. The feelings may be subtle and bland or acute and seemingly painful, but tune in to it regardless, and keep your awareness there. For the next five minutes, just feel the feeling. If your mind wanders, that’s OK—don’t judge it. Just seamlessly bring it back to the feeling.
That means not allowing yourself to be drawn into the wound but rather be the larger transformative source like the calm loving adult who sees the pain of the child but remains strong and loving. This is empathy and it is different to sympathy. Sympathy by definition is putting yourself emotionally into another person’s shoes. And this means sharing a wound vibrationally. Empathy in this sense is acknowledging someone else’s pain and yet not being part of that pain. We are able to channel a higher transformative source to heal and give support to the child who adores human pheromones.
Instead, feel into the fire and sit with the feeling. It’s hard at the start, I know! But this is what needs our attention. This is when we are healing. We have to go through it, just as we accept a looming cold winter. We can either do this ritualistically or we can get dragged kicking and screaming. It may seem like suffering, but pain is part of the universe. We are conditioned by society to condemn these feelings and observe them negatively. We are encouraged to chase happiness… Chase the dopamine highs of real sex pheromones.

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